June 25, 2009

Number One Chinese Food to Take Out

God, I'm so busy, for serious. Between work and a missing hallway floor and dropping rhymes, it's like, whoa. But I did want to jump on here for a sec and say that what are maybe my two most hotly anticipated series of the year, Greg Rucka's run on Detective Comics starring Batwoman and Kathryn Immonen's run on Runaways both arrived this week, and they both knocked it out of the proverbial motherfuckin park. J.H. Williams III's art on Detective is beyond stunning, Sara Picelli captures the glee and humor and sadness that Immonen nails, and I'm as happy as a kitten in a sunbeam. Well, there was the one horrible, awful, no good very bad turn of events in Runaways that made me throw shit, but it was still damn good writin.

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