July 17, 2008

Pants totally on fire

Clearly we were big fat liars about that whole "special bonus podcast episode #5a about Hellboy and Gotham Knight" that we were supposedly going to put out right after Episode #5. Don't ask why it's not out, just accept it like the weather. Now that Dark Knight comes out tomorrow (which we'll see on Saturday, as you and Facebook and the National Security Council now know), we may have to do a movie smorgasbord instead.

Also, I realize I have yet to complain here about the fact that we're not going to San Diego next week. We just didn't get our act together, can't take the time off right now, blah blah. Aaron and I went as press in 2006 (being a journalist household has a few privileges that slightly make up for being broke), but I am in a much better place to appropriately appreciate the convention now. I have a coworker with a four-day pass, and I nearly tripped him in the hallway when I passed him just now, on purpose.

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