May 13, 2008

I also have a cave, it's just not as cool. Or cave-like in any physical way.

Ok, so, I haven't read a comic book in a week, because it's apparently a rule that if you're going on a relaxing Caribbean honeymoon, you have to have as much hair-pulling work crammed in right before you leave as possible. But tomorrow I'm going to stack up for Thursday's plane ride, and then oh, you will be sorry. Not really though, since when I get back, I will have not worked for a week, and then we just come full circle. But I can aspire.

Anyway, I know who the Skrulls are so far, I think, so that's good. And I'm terrified to start Batman RIP. Because the chances of it enmaddening me or making me cry are high, no matter what happens. I don't want to cry at Batman. That is not something that one should do. Oh and hey, what was up with that jihad thing, huh? That was weird.

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