March 18, 2008

Bloodthirsty Skrulls=suckers for romance

According to Newsarama, funnyman and Bendis-bud Patton Oswalt has already been allowed to read the first three issues of Secret Invasion. According to him, it's one big flaming ball of "Holy shit!"ness, and hopefully that won't mean "Holy shit, this is even more of an atrocious injustice to years of Marvel continuity than I imagined in my wildest nightmares, and that's saying a lot!" Anyway, one of Oswalt's teasers is this:
As it stands right now, someone’s holding a possible key to stopping the Skrulls, and it’s the LAST person in the Marvel Universe you’d want with that info. And no, it’s not Dr. Doom.
My fiance suggested that it might be Mephisto, and my first response was "oh god I hope not, I think people are pretty tired of Mephisto right now." To which he countered "Well, it would be pretty awesome, if the Skrulls said 'We'll leave you alone... but only if you put Spidey and MJ back together.'"

It's up to you, Bendis. Give love a chance.


Unknown said...

Heh...that's funny. I wouldn't put it past the folks at Marvel to tie the dissolved marriage into a key point of Secret Invasion. Still...not exactly likely. ;)

Evie said...

But it would be so sweet, and everyone would be all "aww, we totally had the wrong idea about Skrulls, if only we'd checked their Netflix queue and seen 'Love, Actually' and 'About A Boy' on there. We're sorry!"

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of an entire race of creatures sharing a single netflix account.